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    Display Friendly Names by Default?


      Is there an Adobe configuration or registry setting that will display the "friendly name" of a certificate by default in Adobe Acrobat XI?


      A user can do this manually: Preferences | Signatures | Identities & Trusted Certificates | More... (button) | Usage Options | Personalize

      The interesting thing is that when manually personalizing a certificate, the certificate friendly name is automatically detected and populated for the user with what is configured with Windows.  Is there a way to have Adobe recognize this without the user having to go through these steps?

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Friendly name is some text defined by the certificate's owner which describes how the user wants to see it. Since this is an arbitrary text (not something already existing in the certificate itself) where do you think Acrobat can get it other than from the user's explicit manual entry?

          There is a registry (plist on Mac) entry where Acrobat keeps this information after it is manually entered, but its format is somewhat difficult to describe. Even if you get to it, how would you populate this entry in a semi-automatic way (which is what I think you want)?

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            Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

            Hi Glen,


            The previous post is incorrect, the Friendly Name is written into the P12/PXF file. I'll add an enhancement request to have Acrobat pick-up and display the friendlyName BMPString PKCS9 attribute. The one thing I can't tell you though is when you'll see the change.


            Thanks for the suggestion,


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              glenl60408204 Level 1

              Thanks Steve.  One thing to note, if it helps: prior versions of Adobe Acrobat supported this... I document this stuff for my organization and have screen shots that show the Friendly Name being used.  It wasn't until the upgrade to XI that I noticed the undesired behavior.