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    Something is turning my photo files dark -- this started when my RAW problems began.


      I have a MAC 10.8.5.  Back in February I was not able to open RAW files from my new Sony RX100-II camera.  I asked for help on this board, see https://forums.adobe.com/message/7200550#7200550.  I downloaded two programs, one from Adobe for DNG converter and one from Sony.  They both worked.  Since then my photos, sporatically, are getting a black veil covering them.  This started with DNG files.  I trashed the DNG converter and the Sony converter as my RAW files started opening in PhotoShop CS4 and CS6 (I don't know why they didn't open before).  Now the veil is about 10% black where before it was about 80% black.  I know I'm not presenting this clearly enough, but I am quite upset.  This is happening to files wheither I open them in PhotoShop or directly from my hard drive.  I open a folder and see many photo thumbnails.  One by one the thumbnails darken.  I can still see the image, but once the file is opened I cannot remove the black veil.  This started with my RAW files and now is happening to my jpg files.  It doesn't go in order, but moves around hitting one here and one there.  I have the majority of my files backed up on a drive not connected and I have a backup drive connected, so not terribly worried about losing my photos, but don't want to plug in a good external drive at this point.  I did a virus scan using Intego and no files were quarantined.  Not sure what to do at this point.  Would appreciate help.  Diane