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    Flash Builder doesn't see my ios8 devices

    xSeleucus Level 1

      My dev environment was working fine a couple months back, hadn't made any changes and came back to work on a mobile app.  Now Flash builder cannot see my ios 8 devices.  I think the problem is ios8 and related to provisioning profiles not being installed.  Which of course I can't verify because apple has conveniently removed the ability to see the installed profiles... I have regenerated the provisioning profile and know that the device I am attempting to use is listed.  Honestly this should have even been needed since it was working fine before. 


      Also I can manually install the app on the device using itunes, however the device will not open, again implying that the profile is missing which is causing the issue.


      If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.  This has been very frustrating-- apple always seems to be making things more difficult for those who don't follow their dotted line.


      Also updated my sdk to 4.14.1.