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    Symbol not loading

    BruceMCE Level 1

      This is my first try at loading a json file, and I'm not doing very well. I'm using Simon's (Edge Docks) method he shows in his video Using Templates to render Dynamic Data (Adobe Edge Animate Online Week, Episode 6) - YouTube

      I'm following it nearly word for word (changed the names of a couple of objects, but reflected the changes in the code), but can't get the Symbol to load. Here's my code:





        console.log("incoming data: ", data);

        // do something with incoming data

        $.each(data, function(index, item){

        var s = sym.createChildSymbol( "template", "Holder01" );






      "Holder01" is the container that I'm trying to load the symbol named "template" into.
      Any ideas?


      I also tried the following code:

      $.getJSON("js/options.json", function(data){

        for(var i=0; i<data.length; i++)


        var s = sym.createChildSymbol("temp01", "Holder01");




      It still didn't load, so I commented everything out except for var s = sym.createChildSymbol("temp01", "Holder01"); and it loaded, so there's apparently something wrong with the code trying to load the JSON file.
      Any ideas?