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    How well does Ink and Slide or Adonit's Pixelpoint styluses work?

    gec78 Level 2

      I'm constantly tempted to buy an Adonit Touch Pixelpoint stylus (Ink & Slide isn't actually available in Australia yet) for use on the iPad, but the price of them always puts me off. Has anyone used one much with Draw? I'm more interested in the precision rather than the pressure sensitivity. I've seen quite a few reviews where the reviewer just scribbles on the screen and says that they not artists, so I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who actually uses one regularly. $100 is just a lot of money to burn if it doesn't work that well. And yes I know that a pen and paper is a lot cheaper more reliable etc and I always start on paper, but use the ipad a lot as part of my workflow.