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    I can't position an image correctly in epub.

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      Even though I've asked a few questions here in this forum

      without getting hardly any answers (one issue was answered a couple of times),

      I still have hope, that I could find help for my working this way (somewhat dissapointed though).


      So. My issue:

      I've made an epub which is nearly ready. But in the last section when I attach a picture (place a jpg, also tried a vector graphic which I've rasterized with same result)

      the logo itself jumps to the left side of the spread and in addition it makes an image of an earlier page.

      In exporting the file InDesign gives me an announcement:

      The file was exported but one or more problems were detected:

      Custom Layout settings in Object Export Options have not been honored for group children and inline objects.


      In the picture below I've even tried a not inlined anchoring. But still the same result.




      I did find answers which concerned the case, but that didn't help. My object already is an above line anchored object.

      Exporting text frame from InDesign to ePub - MobileRead Forums


      I'd be very grateful if someone could help me with this.