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    Lost local files after update to new version


      I updated to the new version this morning and when I opened the app all my locally (on iPad) stored pdf files were gone. A fair bit of annotation and highlighting work seems to have gone down the drain!


      What happened? Can I get them back?


      I did not delete the old app before update, only did a classic AppStore update.

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          Daugherty4inNC Level 1

          I found my files on my Android device underneath the files app. the new Adobe update created a second file under downloads. the new file is called Adobe Acrobat and that is where new files are stored. The old file is called Adobe Reader and all my old local files are under that. if they are stored on SD card you have to acess through the SD card so the Adobe DC can see them. even then they are only seen in the recent files. Or under cloud if you have uploaded them. there is no more being able to see all the files on SD card. I agree that the update sucks but your files are probably still in their original folder. You just can't see them through the new Adobe application. you will have to find a way to access them through the files app on your device first

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            Daugherty4inNC Level 1

            Also discovered just now how to see your files. At least it works on Android so it should be simiar for Apple devices. If you click on the floating file folder it will ask you where to look. Tell it internal devices. Then when you click on the file folder it will give you options of places to look like recent, drive, gallery, dropbox, etc. Click on your options button to bring up settings or your settings button if you have it. Some boxes for advanced devices come up. Check the boxes and viola your internal storage area and external sd card if you have it should appear. Then it is just a matter of locating the old and new folders. My old one was located under download Adobe Reader. My new one was located under downloads adobe acrobat. Hope this helps. Going to try and include a few screenshots.Screenshot_2015-04-07-05-26-51-1.pngScreenshot_2015-04-07-05-27-16-1.pngScreenshot_2015-04-07-05-27-23-1.pngScreenshot_2015-04-07-05-27-30-1.pngScreenshot_2015-04-07-05-27-40-1.png

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              joakims44090483 Level 1

              Thanks for your help.


              Your suggestion doesn't quite translate to the iOS world, but if I dig a bit I might just find something similar.


              Anyone solved this problem on iOS?

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                MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



                Here is the solution for iOS.


                To view your local files and folders


                1. Go to Home.
                2. Tap the blue text label in the center of the top bar.
                  Source Switcher iPad.png
                3. Select "Local" (for the files that are stored locally on your iPad/iPhone).


                You can also select "Document Cloud" (for the files stored on the Document Cloud, which is formerly known as Acrobat.com) and others.


                Please let us know if it works for you.  Thank you.