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    3D model from green screen


      Hi Some of you might know of a youtybe channel called "Corridor Digital" They make great short films. I saw a behind the scenes from one of there videos, the one called Shadow Of Mordor. You can watch it in the link if you want. What I want to know is what they were doing at 14:07 minute of the video. They recorded a sword that was held and rotated in front of a green screen. It was recorded at a 120 FPS. Am I right to assume that they used this footage to make a 3D model of the sword somehow and use that to track the handle of the sword in the actors hands to make the cool stabing effects......? If so, how do you make a 3D model using the green screen footage? And if that is not the case why did they record the sword like that.....? THX in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, since they had the prop at hand they simply measured and modeled it, then used rotomation to overlay it on the existing footage.



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            Iggorr25 Level 1

            ..... could you maybe explain that in a little more detail, maybe link me a tutorial....please

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              You make the 3D model from the actual prop sword by measuring and creating the model. The reference footage was for color grading and texturing the 3D sword to match the lighting and reflections on location. There are literally hundreds of different ways to generate the texture maps for a 3D model. That is only one option. Many others were probably used. Did you notice that right after the explanation of what they were doing that the guy said "thanks for reminding me" and took out his phone to take more pictures? That is the technique I would have used to get the reflection maps. I probably would have shot something different to pull the lighting model. Look up light probe for 3D. The technique is not a tutorial, it is a semester in film school. I'd go to the forums of what ever 3D app you are using or go to blender.org start digging around.

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                THX a lot