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    can not open pdfs on Android 4.4.4


      i have downloaded the new version of DC to both my nexus 7 tablet (android lollipop 5.0.2) and my oneplus one phone (android kk 4.4.4) and unfortunately i have cleared my resents on my phone and though i can see the files when i click on the floating folder icon and look on internal drive.  when i double tap on the file, it goes to the home screen but doesn't open the file.  it works fine on the tablet but not on the oneplus one.


      i'm not sure if this is because of android 4.4.4 or cyanogen 11 but please if anyone else has this issue, please advise.


      i CAN open files via the document cloud, but i have all these files on my phone but unfortunately will not open.


      any help is greatly appreciated.