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    Load movie into holder clip not on frame 1

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      Okay, here is the situation. I have a MovieClip, call it a_mc which has its
      own class file. In it are several additional MovieClips, some with, and
      some without class files. One in particular, call it b_mc, has a class file
      and is used as a holder for several additional MovieClips. One of those is
      an empty MovieClip with an instance name, call it holder_mc. However, b_mc
      stretches over 100 frames, and holder_mc does not appear on a keyframe until
      frame 30.

      Now, I have a method in the class file for a_mc that uses a MovieClipLoader
      to load a thumbnail into holder_mc, so the call to load the clip looks like
      my_mcl.loadClip(filePath, b_mc.holder_mc);

      Now, this does work... but only intermittently, and only about 5% of the
      time. Since I am from a programming background and never really learned
      actionscript in a multi-frame environment I have a feeling it is because the
      frame has not been reached with the holder_mc MovieClip when the call to
      load is executed. Everything I do is always in a single frame even though I
      know that is not taking full advantage of stuff you can do with Flash.

      My solution was to make a copy of holder_mc and place it on the first frame
      off the stage (figured it was better than making 0 alpha for processing
      sake) and that took care of the problem.

      But, is this the only way to do this? Or would I have to do something like
      put my call to loadClip in an onEnterFrame that is checking to see if frame
      30 has been reached, then loading the picture into it?

      Thanks for any insight.

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          Juankpro Level 2
          Yep, you have answered your question. Normally when you are using classes it is not so good to depend on the objects placed in different places of the class container movieclip. The common approach is to create an onEnterFrame event on the empty moviclip, wait until frame 30 and then execute the loading, finally deleting the enterFrame. Another approach is to use the setInterval function to make the loading perform at an specified point time.