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    I need help, please:(

      I have been trying for about 6 months to re download flash player. I had it on my computer until I updated my explorer. I have tried to uninstall and redownload, I have checked my permissions, I have went into my registry and followed every directions that this website has given me, I have done everything all but take my computer to a specialist. I have tried everything on this website to fix this problem and nothing works. Everytime I try to download, it says download complete but I still cannot view anything that needs the flashplayer. There are 4 users on my computer and they are all having the same problem. Please, please tell me what I can do to fix this problem. Now when I try to download flashplayer there is a " in the top left corner and a [+] sign with feedback in the right bottom corner. What does that mean? I have seen many people in this forum with this same problem but I have never seen a solution to this problem. I would so much appreciate help with this.