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    path is broken to MANY of my photographs.

    Teresa Gutgesell

      I mistakenly went to the APPLE STORE with my MacBook Pro w/retina display.  (I have a new Photography business)  I was trying to load all my photos to an external HD.

      All I wanted them to do was verify that my photos really did transfer so I could break the path that LR uses by default to store on my laptop.  A lady there said they weren't

      "allowed" to help with software.  BUT, then continued to tell me she uses LR at home.  She had me start "organizing by photos better"  OUTSIDE OF LR!  Of course, now I know that can't be done without totally jacking up all the paths, so now I can't access my photos!  I am especially concerned about 3 clients images.  I need SERIOUS HELP.

      I am completely overwhelmed and wonder if there is a way that anyone can straighten this out for me?  I am willing to PAY ADOBE to do it!  My library is a total mess.