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    Premiere opened by itself


      I have premiere elements 10 on a windows 8 machine. Just now it opened without me actually doing anything. It even brought up the "do you want to let this program make changes to your computer" dialogue, which it usually doesn't when I open it it manually. What's going on here?

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you using a cordless mouse or keyboard in range of somebody else who is using one?

          Bad mouse?

          Stuck key on keyboard?


          Cat or mouse (live kind) loose in house?

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            stephenleotti Level 1

            You know, my mouse has been a little flaky lately. Hasn't done that before, but occasionally the cursor does jump around a little. I suppose that could be the culprit. I have no cordless mouse or keyboard and I don't own any animals. Malware is what's frightening me, but I have run several different security measures and none of them have come up with anything. I know that's not always proof that there's nothing there, but I'm usually a pretty careful person when it comes to security.I'll blame it on the mouse for now and if it does it again when it's unplugged I'll let you know.