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    I updated Acrobat DC

    belluccidesign Level 1

      I updated Acrobat DC and I realized only after installation that was not part of the program creativecloud to which I have subscribed, how do I install the previous version of Acrobat?

      It was not reported that it was a separate subscription from creativecloud, it seems to me something dishonest by Adobe, I demand an immediate solution to this problem. I do not want another subscription.

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          I installed Acrobat DC this morning and it's a piece of crap. I contacted Adobe in order to go back to the previous version.

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            belluccidesign Level 1

            adobe should mark in a clear and detailed that updates do not fall within the package creativecloude subscription subscribed. This is a rip off, now whenever abobe proposes an update I have to figure out whether to pay or not? it seems to me something absolutely absurd and not acceptable.

            if Adobe decides to sell a new product, I have to understand unequivocally without risking time to time if this is a new product for a fee or a package upgrade and spend more money on other subscriptions.

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              belluccidesign Level 1

              I downloaded and installed the previous version of Acrobat, I think he recognized the subscription cc.

              when you are installing must choose "trial or subscription"

              I put the link below to download the program

              Download dei prodotti Acrobat | Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

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                Lineaire Level 1

                Thanks for the link!


                I think that the new version is part of Creative Cloud, no ? It look like it replace the previous Acrobat version.


                I can't print to PDF file with Acrobat DC, and I don't like the new interface.

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                  I just updated my CC and got this Adobe Acrobat DC as well which I do NOT want


                  I just want to be able to create and edit my PDFs using Acrobat Pro like I have always done, I do not want another subscription service. How do I get rid of it and get Acrobat Pro back?

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                    Baroquenz2 Level 1

                    I've uninstalled it via the CC interface and reinstalled Acrobat Pro XI via the interface. Seems to be working ok again, keeping my fingers crossed.


                    Not impressed at all with having this thing take over and uninstall Acrobat Pro then ask for YET another subscription.

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                      Qwertyfly... Level 4

                      The new DC version of acrobat is horrid.

                      You can't even hide the tools Pane by default.

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                        pilvi-cloud Level 1

                        I could not stand the new interface of Acrobat DC. I tried to work with it but was not happy with it. Here are the official instructions about how to get Acrobat XI back if you have Creative Cloud. It worked for me, and I'm so much happier with Acrobat XI than Acrobat DC:

                        Acrobat DC uninstalled Acrobat XI | How to get Acrobat XI back

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                          Thanks for the link!


                          Hopefully the option to keep XI and not "upgrade" to DC remains an option for the foreseeable future.

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                            At my workplace IT upgraded my PC to Acrobat DC. 


                            1. I do not like it's UI and in fact find it very frustrating. 

                            2. I made a custom toolbar but I cannot get it to come up as a default.  There was nothing wrong with having the icons on top. 

                            3. For the last nearly 30 minutes I was trying to highlight text in a pdf.  It worked on the first page and then the dialog box kept popping up that it is an image not OCR document, asking to convert it.  I tried the conversion for ALL the pages of the document about 5-6 times.  But Acrobat DC would simply not let me highlight any page after the first one.  Ultimately I went to Adobe Reader XI and highlighted what I wanted for the entire document.

                            4. I wanted to add some text above a table.  But Acrobat DC will not let me do it.  For some reason it keeps going back into the cell which already has text.  With Acrobat Pro XI I could enter text anywhere in the document.  But Acrobat DC won't let me.

                            5. What about the mobile link to sync all my computers and cell phones.  I do not need to link my work Adobe DC to link to my personal cell phone or my home PC or laptop or my tablet. I can't get it to turn off either.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ADOBE THINKING!!! 

                            5. I am going to ask our network adminstrator to roll me back to Adobe XI.


                            To be honest I would have loved to say some choice words about Acrobat DC but I will avoid doing it.  All I can say is Acrobat DC has a TERRIBLE UI and accessing it's feature-set is next to impossible.  Whatever happened to Adobe's usability experience staff!!!!

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                              jessicaj45697243 Level 1

                              Hm my problem is I can't even delete pages from the pdf, or add them, without buying extra services --what a joke! Unbelievable waste of my time.