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    Error message" The file may be damaged or corrupted -1610153464/ also unable to open projects in the background 26:: 142


      Hello everyone,


      I hope someone can help me.

      I am using AE CC/Windows 7 on a Dell computer, 32 GB RAM, 64 bit op system, processors: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU x5670 @ 2.93 Ghz 2.93 Ghz (2 processors).


      So far I had worked on many projects with no problems and then a few weeks ago the project crashed non stop. The problem was overcome when I got rid of all MP3s and converted them to RAM. Again this was an issue I didn't have in the past and I don't recall changing anything.

      Now it seems it is impossible for me to export/render out a project into a Quick time file or even AVI. If its quick time I get this message: After Effects unable to render error  an output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted -1610153464 and if I am trying to export with AVI I get this message: AE unable to open projects in the background 26:: 142)


      This is happening with different projects.


      I read the forums and heard that the problem may be a Bug with quicktime and H.264? I never had a problem with it before but again when I try to export AVI I get this error message:

      AE unable to open projects in the background


      I have a feeling it is quick time related. I have uninstalled and reinstalled QT but still get the problem. It will open old QT files no problem. I tried to download a bug fix update as one post suggested but I think I have the latest which is why it didn't work. 


      This particular project has a couple of quick media H.264 files. Do I need to convert them? Are they the cause for all of this?


      I am sorry I really tried to look for answers in the forums before contacting you here but I cannot find a reason for all this mess, which again only appeared a few weeks ago with no problems for months...if someone can point out an area where I can start looking, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.