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    Signature Password Recovery


      I created a signature for signing PDFs, but forgot my signature. I can't figure out how to either create a new signature or recover my password for the current one. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Are you talking about digital signatures based on a signing certificate? If this is the case then you have a password for your certificate, not signature. Digital signatures do not have passwords. If you forgot password for your certificate and you do not have a record of it then the only recourse for you is to procure a new certificate the same way you got the original one. If you got your certificate from a Certificate Authority you need to contact them. If you created your own so-called self-signed certificate (in Acrobat or other app) then do the same again.

          If it were possible to recover the password, then I could steel your signing credential, recover its password and start signing IOUs pretending that I am you.

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            charlesk61873602 Level 1

            I was talking about the signing certificate, I apologize for not being more clear. Thank you for the guidance!