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    ADE Scroll on Windows




      I installed ADE version 4.0 on my windows laptop. When reading an epub3 file, I am noticing a big issue. When I try to scroll with the arrow (both keyboard and the navigation bar) instead of going to the following page, it jumps to the next chapter. I am unable to read or see the rest of the content even though I know it exists. When I view the same file on ADE version 3.0 I do not have this issue. Also, this issue does not occur on a macbook. It seems specific to version and windows. Are you guys aware of this? Do you have any immediate solutions? When can we expect the issue to be resolved?



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          Hi, I am having the same issue you're describing. My file is an ePUB book and the worst part is that I attempted to see it in ADE V3 and found the same issue. It's been 2 months since you posted this, were you able to come across a solution? I would really appreciate it!