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    Missing Camera Calibration Profiles in Lightroom Creative Cloud


      I am missing the ADOBE SUPPLIED Nikon D700 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera calibration profiles in Lightroom. They were there until I had to reload the apps from CC. I looked in the forums already and haven't found any answer. I have tried to get support from Adobe through Chat and the person there had no clue what I was asking.


      I found this answer on a similar question but it does not explain why the Adobe-supplied profiles are missing. To be clear, I am not talking about custom profiles.


      "If you are asking about Adobe-supplied profiles, they will be installed every time you update the software so there’s no need to copy them, anywhere, and the reason for not seeing them would be that the current photo is not a raw file since most profiles are only for raw not jpg."


      Can anyone help me out? Thank you.