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    timd42509535 Level 1

      When I open up a file in lightroom why do the reds change so much from my original files? They don't even look red.

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          JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

          We need a lot more information to try to help you.

          1. What version of LR?  The latest version is 5.7.1
          2. Is this a PC or a Mac?
          3. What OS.
          4. Are these images raw, jpg, other?
          5. Are they new files downloaded from a camera or existing files on your computer?
          6. When you say "Original Files", how are you viewing these to make the comparison?
          7. You do not "Open" images in LR, you view them.  Are you viewing them in the Library Module, Develop Module, other?
          8. Can you post a screen shot example?
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            timd42509535 Level 1

            Yes 5 7.1


            Lastest OS


            Downloaded from a card and after I imported them I viewed them and after tit loaded the pic it changed the color  When I first viewed it the reds were perfect and then it changed them.

            Library mode

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is normal. You first see the jpeg that the camera embedded. Not the raw file. Lightroom renders the file using its own raw profile in the background and shows you that after a short time. If you want your files to render closer to the camera jpeg and you have a Nikon or Canon (or one of a few other cameras), go to develop and go to the lowest panel on the right and select "Camera Standard" as the profile. Those profiles have been tweaked carefully to approach the jpeg rendering from the camera. You can make that profile the default if you want and you should only see very minor shifts after the first load.

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                timd42509535 Level 1

                How do I make it my default setting for all photographs?

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                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Take an image into Develop. Reset it to default (look at the bottom of the panels). Change the camera calibration profile to "camera standard". Hit your alt/option key. The reset button should change to "Set Default...". Click that and hit "Update to Current Settings". All newly imported images should now automatically get the camera standard as default. I also usually set the "remove chromatic aberration" option in Lens corrections as there is no conceivable reason why you would ever leave those in and most modern cameras correct for it automatically in their jpegs too.