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    How much to pay an Indesign professional?

    redbourn Level 1

      I have been learning and studying Indesign for a couple of weeks in order to use it for a cookbook.


      And I feel certain that I can gain the necessary skills.


      The issue is that right now I only need it for one book and even if I write a couple more books I would most likely only use it 3 times.


      So I've been thinking that maybe it would be better to pay somebody to do it for me.


      I contacted somebody a couple of days ago, gave her a recipe and a photo, plus an image from a book that I like the layout of, and asked her to send me a pdf of her work.


      She sent me a pdf today and although I didn't like a couple of her ideas, she seems to know her stuff.


      I asked her for a price and she said $10 per recipe, plus payment for any additional pages, and there will be about 4-5 of them, plus payment for the index and cover.


      There will be about 25 recipes, so we are talking about at least $300 which seems a lot to me.


      But maybe it isn't.


      What do you think?


      She said that paying her for each recipe would be fine.