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    how do I get my if statement to execute once, when its condition is met?

    complexity Level 1
      Hey all,

      Im trying to create a little menu here. It has 8 options (with rollon animation, selected, rolloff animation), so I thought I would have a variable for each menu option.

      So when menu option 1 is selected my variable (navvar) will = 1.

      Here is my if statement / loop.

      //for option1
      if(_root.navvar == "1"){

      //options 2-8 like above else if(_root.navvar == "2"){ etc

      Now my problem is that when the above is looping over its 2 frames, obvisouly it only plays a few frames of my "onanimation", which means I get a flickering effect.

      Could someone show me how I can setup this code so that when navvar = 1 I can simply go and play my "onanimation" once only, (until another variable is selected etc)

      Any help is much appreciated.