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    How to check if there is form data from signer

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      I am using the v2 API and have a problem with the latest update.


      We have an one optional field on one of our documents. When we built our integration, we would request the form data, and if the field was not filled in, we would get an error. Now we get downloaded form data even if the user did not fill in anything. I know that is now expected behavior and see the value. However, it leaves us with a problem.


      How can I query, using the v2 api, whether or not there is any user supplied form data? The echosign web gui seems to have access to this info because it will put an indicator on the agreement, but I can not find how to do it in the api.




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          dvcroft1 Level 1

          I worked with Echosign support on this and there seems to be no direct api solution. My concern in creating my own solution was correctly handling all our current and future agreements with any fields they may have, and also being as immune as possible to future changes in EchoSign behavior. This is what I came up with:


          Daily I call getFormData for an old known agreement with no entered form data. I save the headers from the first line of that csv file. When we get a new signed agreement during the next 24 hours, I call getFormData for it, and then compare the new csv headers to the known blank headers. If they match, I will assume it is blank, if they don't match I will assume the signer filled in some fields. This will be immune from future EchoSign changes to the fields returned by getFormData (with a 1 day window of possible error). This solution depends on the current getFormData behavior that only fields with data are returned.