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      Is kuler ready for Safari in OSX4.8? I got nothing when starting up kuler but a white safari page.
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          blackxacto Level 1
          One other thing, sorry, I see that the kuler web site is in coldfusion. Whoever redesigned the Adobe Exchange Site for Photoshop users used coldfusion, and its a crock of crap. Is coldfusion web design always so unuser friendly?
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
            We looked into the white safari page issue and QA is unable to reproduce (they've been running kuler on Safari on OS 10.4.8.). Can you give us any more info? Thanks!
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              risottodirk-btOqLf Level 2
              Hi Sami
              kuler runs on my computer (G5 PPC, single processor) OS 10. 4.8
              - the the saved colors differ from the colors in kuler and
              - the base color changes while working on the other colors.

              This seem s to be the same with safari, opera and firefox.

              Thanks for your efforts Sami. I'd really love the idea behind kuler but it just doesn't work in my environement at the moment.

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                I am using Safari 1.3.2(v312.6) with OSX 3.9 on a dual 450MHz. When I try to use kuler all I get is an all black screen with the text "Terms of Use" in the lower
                right corner.
                I was also wondering why is this a web based application?
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                  Will Kuler ever work again? The first time I tried it about a month ago, it worked fine. I was very excited to use it with my clients to help pick out color schemes. But ever since that first time, it hasn't worked again. Just get the black screen, like so many others. Hope you guys get this straigtened out. Would love to use it everyday for work

                  mac OSX 3.9
                  Netscape Navigator 7.2
                  Safari 1.3.2
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                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                    The black screen problem continues to be a stumper (see All Black Screen/Swatches thread). Please send me a private message with your contact info since we are unable to reproduce it here at this point. Note in your message that you have the "All Black Screen" issue. We'll see what we can do.
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                      Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                      Hi Risottodirk,
                      A bit of delay in responding, eclipsed by the black screen ... :P

                      Can you give me a more detail on the difference between the saved colors and kuler? Are the values are shifting when you open the .ASE file, or do they look different (a color management issue)?

                      Base color changes: Is it moving around when you are in the custom mode?

                      Thanks for the info. We're glad you like kuler and we would love it to be working for you.

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                        risottodirk-btOqLf Level 2
                        Hi Sami
                        to let you see what happens, I took a sequense of screen shots form Safari. I started my "my kuler" had a theme saved as "indigo 1" (Bild 1.jpg) I went into that theme to "make changes" abd the base color was different from the base--color I saved. (Bild 2.jpg) saved again and went ba ck to modify. Repeated that process for a couple of times. (Bild 3 etc.)
                        You can download these images form here (#1) (1)
                        here (#2)
                        here (#3) and:
                        here (#4)
                        The base color changed from blue to green just by saving and "re-editing" without re-editing.
                        (OS X. 10.4.8) Safari 2.0.4(419.3) The behaviour seem to be very similar if mnot the same with Opera and Firefox.

                        Hope this helps. If you want me to try out something specified just let me know.

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                          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                          Hi Dirk,
                          Thanks for the visuals, that really helps.

                          Weird, I see that the RGB values in the blue swatch are changing, and that's just by re-editing w/o re-editing? Hmm... We;ll look into this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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                            risottodirk-btOqLf Level 2
                            Hi Sami
                            maybe I didn't make it clear enough. After saving I went back to the "make changes" mode without making any changes. Just left it like it was and saved again. And every time the blue turned greener, as well as the rgb-values.

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                              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                              HI Dirk,
                              It took me a round but I figured out what you meant. :-)
                              It turns out that this is a complex issue (touches many things) so we need to get a few things sorted out first, but we will address it.