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    distiller stopped working

    Ronald59 Level 1

      uptaded (through CC) to Acrobat DC. Now  I keep getting a messing arbitrarily popping up "Distiller has stopped working..."

      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

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          Anubha Goel Adobe Employee

          Hi Ronald59,


          Could you please let me know what version of OS are you working on.

          What exactly are you doing when this message appears?

          Could you please share the screenshot of the error message so that I can analyze the exact issue.


          Hope to hear from you.




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            Ronald59 Level 1

            Windows 7 pro. Strange thing: We have two, brand new (IDENTICAL) computers; this is only happening on ONE of them!

            I disabled the sys tray (startup) and stopped it from popping up (for the moment).

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              Ronald59 Level 1

              BTW, it does NOT matter what I am doing. One instance, I simply restarted and waited; in 5 minutes it (the message) appeared.Other times I'm working in photoshop or illustrator or checking my email; doesn't matter!

              Here is the screen shot (attached).



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                Mohd Amish Adobe Employee


                I believe you have only one version of Acrobat installed on your machine - Acrobat DC.

                Can you please do the following:

                1) Close Acrobat application and close all acrobat processes from task manager.

                2) Go to "Control Panel" -> "Programs" -> "Programs and Features" -> "Uninstall a program" and select "Adobe Acrobat DC".

                Click "Change" and select "Repair" from the following dialog.


                After product repair is done, restart the machine and then try printing to pdf again.


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                  Ronald59 Level 1

                  I have no trouble printing PDF’s please read my complaint again. I’ve tried your suggestion; di not work I still get the error message.


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                    adrianad16709978 Level 1

                    I am sorry for adding to your discussion. I had a similar problem on Win 7 / 64bit, after update to Acrobat DC. Distiller DC stopped working during the scan fonts. This procedure helped:

                    - Disconnect the drive where I have a folders with fonts

                    - In Distiller settings disable scanning these folders

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                      Ronald59 Level 1

                      Thanks for your help; I’ve given up – after hours of trial & error. Gone back to Acrobat 9.0 pro – never had any problems with IT! I’ll come back to DC when Adobe gets their crap together!

                      Even if it IS a font problem . . .REALLY? THEY can’t figure a way to bypass it?

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                        dkirkhus Level 1

                        I'll try these steps. Here's my response copied from another thread, it seems many are having this issue.


                        I just did a full de/re install of Acrobat DC, including deleting all old local/roaming App data folders for Acrobat and a registry purge. This fixed nothing, still getting the crash.


                        When attempting to export or print to Adobe PDF, distiller crashes at the "Checking fonts" stage.


                        OS is Win7 x64

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                          kateyb98376864 Level 1

                          I too am having the same issues with Distiller DC. The pop up appears sporadically. It does not seem to matter what I am doing.

                          Also, I am not able to print to PDF using Acrobat DC


                          I am running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit


                          I tried the uninstall etc etc...did not work

                          I tried to change settings for fonts in Distiller but could not access settings as program would crash as soon as it opened


                          Thank you "dkirkhus" for linking me to this thread.



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                            dkirkhus Level 1

                            OK, after temporarily disabling the HD that contains my client projects (and all of their respective fonts) I was able to open Distiller without it crashing. I then changed font settings in Distiller so that it only looks in the default Windows and Adobe paths.


                            All seems to be functioning properly, now. I managed to print to Adobe PDF with no issues.



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                              kateyb98376864 Level 1

                              I think I may have fixed my problem...  I am no longer seeing the Distiller stopped working pop up and I am now able to print to PDF

                              Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit


                              My Fonts and program are all installed on the same drive  thus preventing me from gaining access to Distiller to change the settings. Windows would not let me make any changes to the Default Font folder.


                              This is what I did...


                              Not knowing which font(s) where causing the problem, I moved all but protected fonts (automatically labelled) from the Window's Font folder and placed them in a temporary folder.


                              I restarted Distiller DC and great news...the program did not crash and I was able to change the settings to temporarily not include the Windows Fonts .No more pop ups and I can now print to PDF!


                              What I am going to do..


                              Through the process of elimination, I will gradually restore the fonts I removed from from the Window's folder to find the culprits(s)


                              Once I am satisfied that the problem Font(s) are found and no longer  included in the Window's Font folder, I will change the settings in Distiller back (permanently) to include the Window's Font folder.


                              In closing, and because so many others are having the same issues, I really do think it would be prudent for Adobe to make the necessary adjustments to their program(s) to prevent this kind of issue.





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                                ILoveTheSteelers Level 1

                                I am also having the issue with Distiller shutting down, but I'm on a Mac, not Windows. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as restarting/shutting down. This started happening when I updated the Acrobat in my Creative Cloud. I never had an issue before. However, my coworker who is also using a Mac, but a newer one, updated Acrobat and hasn't had any issues. Thoughts? Here is the error I get every time.


                                Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.14.31 PM.png

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                                  kateyb98376864 Level 1

                                  I don't know much about Mac's, but the "crashing"  issue with Acrobat seems to be in the fonts. If you can open Acrobat Distiller DC and access settings, remove the main Font folder from being scanned (and/or any other folders you may have added fonts to). If that fixes your problem, then you may have to do similar to what I did in the post just  previous to yours to find out which fonts are causing the problems.


                                  Your coworker most likely does not have all the same fonts as you and that may explain why you are having problems and your co-worker is not.


                                  If you cannot access Distiller DC to change the settings, try following the steps above for clearing out your font folder first or perhaps do  as "dkirkhus" did if your fonts are on a different drive.


                                  Hope this helps



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                                    vishalAcrobat Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Kathy,

                                    This issue is already reported to Acrobat Engineering and they are investigating it. So far they have found that some fonts (copyright by sRB-Powers) like "sarusFlowerDing(sRB).TTF" / com_srb_.TTF / similar are causing the crash. Can you please check if you are also having any such font installed in your system which you have moved now to temp folder?




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                                      kateyb98376864 Level 1

                                      Hello Vishal


                                      I do have (SRB) fonts  but they have never been installed.


                                      However, as I am adding fonts back one by one, I have so far discovered a font, that caused a crash, by the name of

                                      Blox (BRK)

                                      version 2


                                      Here it is for you to try if you like;



                                      I will send more names as I go through the files.



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                                        vishalAcrobat Adobe Employee

                                        Thanks Kathy. Really appreciate your help.



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                                          kateyb98376864 Level 1



                                          Managed to restore the rest of my fonts. I had no more crashes.

                                          Hard to believe that, in my case, it was only the single "Blox" font that was causing all those crashes.




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                                            ApertureXTC Level 1

                                            I removed the font Hotplate(sRB).TTF from the Windows font folder and it resolved the issue.


                                            On this machine I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.

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                                              Thrill Media Level 2

                                              So, how long before a fix Adobe?


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                                                Ronald59 Level 1

                                                “So, how long before a fix Adobe?”

                                                THAT is MY question! Enough of everyone finding the font that causes THEIR crash. Everyone seems to be coming up with different fonts (NONE of which I have).

                                                Adobe just needs to just fix it. Never had this problem before this update. That’s on Adobe not us!


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                                                  judyr23717440 Level 1

                                                  I too have the same problem. I can't be wasting time going through every font on my system to see which one(s) distiller all of a sudden doesn't like.

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                                                    Sachin_Soni Adobe Employee



                                                    First of all, extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused :-(


                                                    We are able to reproduce the issue in-house. The problem happens when Distiller tries to load a font that has some delimiter (like '(', ')', '{', '}') in the font name. While we are working on a fix for the same, meanwhile, as a workaround, fonts with such delimiters can be removed from the locations where Distiller looks for Fonts. Following are such locations:


                                                    C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Acrobat DC\Resources\Font\

                                                    C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\EQUATION\

                                                    C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts


                                                    Thanks & Regards

                                                    Sachin Soni

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                                                      Thrill Media Level 2

                                                      Thanks for the update. I did remove Blox and haven't had the issue since. Don't think I have EVER used that font.

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                                                        Michele Cordoni Level 1

                                                        Hello! I've the same problem (Distiller crashes at startup)... if I launch it, it crashes at a specified font (Boycott). If i uninstall Boycott (full name: Boycott Normale, without any quote) and reload the software, it crashes with another font... my event vievew is full of Distiller errors!!! Thanks for your help!

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                                                          Juan C Walls Level 1

                                                          Same issue here every single day since I applied the update from previous Acrobat (maybe XI?) to Acrobat DC.

                                                          Probably also because of the problem with fonts. I have tons of fonts and no time to check them one by one.


                                                          It crashes randomly shortly after start-up. Apparently it has nothing to do with what I am doing at that moment.

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                                                            DezmoMedia Level 1

                                                            For what it's worth, I spent the last two hours uninstalling fonts, only to find the issue was some old web design software (WYSIWYG 8.0) that was listed in Distiller as a Watched folder. Once I uninstalled this software, the problem went away. I also cleared out my font cache, which for my Windows 7 Professional, is in C:/Windows/System32/FNTCACHE.DAT. If you delete this file and reboot, it clears out your font cache. I did this before uninstalling WYSIWYG 8.0, so it may be unrelated to this problem. At any rate, the Distiller error has gone away. 

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                                                              whiteboat_mb Level 1

                                                              I had the same problem after the last update to Acrobat DC. I agree that some fonts cause the problem. Look at the Distiller window in the moment of hang up - there is a list of scanned fonts below in alphabetical order. The next font after the last one listed cause the problem. Uninstall it. After that my Distiller works correctly. In my case it was only one font - marmelatta, demo version.

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                                                                ArnellBryanCosca Level 1
                                                                We are able to reproduce the issue in-house. The problem happens when Distiller tries to load a font that has some delimiter (like '(', ')', '{', '}') in the font name.


                                                                This worked for me. I quickly skimmed through my font list and deleted the one font that had quotation marks and boom.... problem solved. But I'm sure there is more to it than this. In any case, hopefully this helps someone with the same problem.

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                                                                  djwernars Level 1

                                                                  I have had this issue resolved by Adobe Technical Support:

                                                                  My Issues


                                                                  1.Distiller would crash when it stopped on Lucida Console Font. Since this is a Windows system font, you cannot delete it.

                                                                  2. Every time I attempted to print to PDF, it would hang and I would get " Not Responding"


                                                                  Solution as per Adobe Technical Engineer


                                                                  1. Go to Fonts Folder in Windows Control Panel.

                                                                  2. Change your view to Details

                                                                  3. Click on the Designer/Foundry heading

                                                                  4. Select all of the fonts where the Designer/Foundry is blank and save to a folder on your desktop

                                                                  5. Now go to C:\Windows\Fonts and delete all the fonts that have a blank Designer/Foundry

                                                                  6. Run Distiller


                                                                  Now to test which fonts cause distiller to crash, add the fonts back one by one and run distiller after each one.

                                                                  Since I removed 710 fonts, I do not know which font has caused this yet and told them that I would test this over a period of time.


                                                                  I am guessing that that it is probably one of the free fonts and not Lucida Console.


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                                                                    AshuMittal Adobe Employee

                                                                    Hi Ronald59, all,


                                                                    The Distiller crash issue has been fixed in the DC update that was released on 14th July (Release Notes). Please update to latest patch by going to Help > Check for Updates.



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                                                                      Ani_walltopia Level 1

                                                                      Unfortunatelly, after latest update from the CC App yesterday, I still get the error message at random times, no matter whether DC's working or not. Here's a few printscreens. Any suggestions?


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                                                                        AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

                                                                        You don't have the latest update. As Ashu suggested above, open Acrobat, help->check for updates.

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                                                                          jens_ra Level 1

                                                                          Hello all,

                                                                          similar problem here, Distiller DC keeps crashing on Mac OS 10.10.x during startup (splash screen shows up, PostScript is being started -> crash). Following error message:


                                                                          Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 13.23.24.png


                                                                          Creative Cloud and Acrobat say I'd be running the latest version.

                                                                          Any news on the topic?

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                                                                            richardp81686504 Level 1

                                                                            I'm seeing the same issue on 6 computers after removing Adobe Acrobat X Standard and installing Adobe Acrobat DC Standard.  Have two tickets open with customer service.  No solution since 7/11/2016.

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                                                                              Sammi_M Level 1

                                                                              I've been experiencing this same issue for the past two months. I finally came up with the solution.This is what worked for me:


                                                                              1. Open Distiller. As soon as Distiller opens, it begins to scan fonts in alphabetical order.
                                                                              2. When Distiller crashes, note the font that was last scanned.
                                                                              3. Go to your Windows > Fonts folder and delete the font that follows the previously scanned font.


                                                                              Hope this helps you.

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                                                                                richs56494968 Level 1

                                                                                Hard to believe this is still an issue. I deleted a few fonts but finally got it. Distiller works again. Thanks Adobe for the fix--NOT!


                                                                                Thank you all for finding the solution!!!