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    How to call method in another swf file

      Hi. I am at the moment making a website in Flash 8. The website consists of a main file with the buttons and then additional files for each page. Each of the buttons uses code similar to this:

      content.loadMovie("home page.swf");

      where content is the movieclip I am using to load the swf file into. In the main file I have a search box where a user can type some search terms. I have written some code that will search through the text field(s) on the page and highlight any words that appear matching the search terms. The only problem is that I cannot get to the text fields on the other files. So what I want to be able to do is attach some code to the search button that will call a method in another swf file using the parameters that I the user has specified in the search box. How would I go about doing this?

      Any help is much appreciated

      JM Young