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    Trying to organize a new workflow for travel using a desktop, laptop and IPad using LR mobile


      Apologies in advance as I'm sure this has been asked but I am swamped with information on the web. 


      OK for travel I want to upload images to my laptop from my CF cards.  I then want to be able to make basic edits and flags on the laptop (which I am yet to purchase) and then have this reflect on my desktop.  I have LR mobile so figured the laptop access would allow me to do the same things as if I was viewing on the IPad but apparently not...Please help!


      I have read about some people exporting the catalog backwards and forwards between the 2 devices and this seems messy and I don't think I want to get into that.  A main attraction was to be able to upload and edit on the road (I'm taking a 3.5 week trip to Cambodia) and then on my return to my desktop have a lot of the work done to then make final detailed edits and subsequent books, prints etc.


      I love photography but I'm not a tech geek so any help/suggestions appreciated!