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    Text Frame Columns

    KenWK Level 1

      I'm finding that the TxtFrame.TextColumns collection contains more columns than the frame preferences are actually set to when paragraphs are set to span across all columns.


      In a 1 column frame TxtFrame.TextFramePreferences.TextColumnCount passes back one. However, TxtFrame.TextColumns.count passes back more than 1, in the case of the page pictured below it passes back 2. This appears to be because both the "Appendices" head and the ornament are set to span across all columns because they sometimes introduce 2 column material.

      TxtFrame.TextColumns(1).select looks like this:


      TxtFrame.TextColumns(2).select looks like this:


      I want to know which TxtFrame.TextFramePreferences column a particular insertion point is in, but when a style is set to span across columns that seems to be impossible. I've tried TxtFrame.Texts(1).TextColumns to no avail, it seems to work the same as TxtFrame.TextColumns().

      Any ideas?

      Many thanks,