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    Premiere Elements 13: doesn't load and doesn't save a project from PE11 !!!


      I created a large project (about 14 GB) using Premiere Elements 11.(photo/video/audio/narration)

      I wanted to open it in a newly installed Premiere Elements 13

      I have Dell, Windows 7, intel i7, 8GB memory, 2 hard drives: C:--SSD 240 GB and J;- a reg HD=1 TB. My Premiere Elements 13 is installed on my SSD (C: drive) and I'm trying to save a project on my second drive J:. But I also tried to save a project on my C: drive and also couldn't save (see my issues below).

      1) First issue: PE13 loaded only a part of my project & then it took tremendous amount of time showing "Generating Peak Time".It stacked at 99% and this indicator at the right bottom of the PE NEVER went away

      2) After 1 hour eventually I got my project in (but 99% was still displayed), However my project was NOT properly formatted anymore ( text formatting issues over the clip, missing frames, etc)

      3) I attempted to fix the issues listed above and tried to save this project with a new name in PE13. IT DOESN"T SAVE!!!! It shows like a progress bar saving (my Auto-Save is also ON), but in fact the new project didn't save. I tried ALL 3 available options from a menu: Save, Save As, Save Copy, but a project file always stays at the ridiculous size 1305 KB. Therefore next time you try to load this project, but NOTHING loads at all. I lost ALL changes and all time!

      I regret that I'm a returning user and that I purchased Adobe product at all, I just want to finish my project that I created for several months in PE11.

      Adobe  customer service is not reachable and their product is always a problem that they don't support. If anyone knows how to go about these issues, please help!

      Thank you!