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    Updating Top Nav Bar - Source in NoteBook?

      From the Top Nav Bar I added a new page to the site and used copy current page. Completed the page and Published it. All is working fine but can I make the necessary changes to the Top Nav Bar to include new page created? I am having difficulty finding out how if you can at all.

      Top Nav Bar:

      Blah1 | Blah 2 | Blah 3 |

      | Stuff 1 | \
      | Stuff 2 | Side Nav Bar
      | Stuff 3 | /

      New page created is "Stuff 4", and is what I need to add to the Top Nav Bar "Blah 3"

      If you have to update the source of a page in Notebook can you then update the source on your site with Contribute? If so what are the procedures?

      Hope this makes sense and appreciate your time and assistance.

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          You can't access the source code in Contribute. The whole point is to keep Contribute users away from it :-)

          So I guess the issue is that your site uses a Dreamweaver template, and you've locked the Top Nav Bar away in an area that can't be edited - so Contribute won't let you change it. Is that right?

          If so, you could go back to the template and make the Top Nav Bar code editable, and reapply the template to all your pages. Then you can edit the Top Nav Bar code in each one.

          Or, if that's going to present you with the annoyance of having to make the same navigation change in every relevant page, then you could use a tool like siteNav to automate the process. Basically, it means you'll only have to make one change in one page (in this case, I assume the 'Home' page), and the change appears on all pages.

          However, siteNav expects to generate the HTML for the navigation itself, so you won't be able to use it without having new navigation code generated for you. Just tell siteNav which links to include in the navigation (list them in a DIV), and then style the output with fresh CSS.

          You can then tell siteNav to include fresh links very easily (or to change old ones) just by changing what's in the DIV with Contribute.