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    Optimized settings for After Effects in relation to GPU

    ti.s.cavalcanti Level 1

      It would be valid to increase the texture memory? can get up to 1488 MB.

      And please, more tips of possible settings for best performance of After Effects to the fullest.

      Setting in Preferences / Previews / GPU Information ...

      Screenshot (7).png

      Current Settings:

      Fast Draft:Available
      Texture Memory:794.00 MB


      Vendor:NVIDIA Corporation
      Device:GeForce GTX 770/PCIe/SSE2
      Version:2.1.2 NVIDIA 347.88
      Total Memory:1.94 GB
      Shader Model:4.0 or later


      Driver Version:7.0
      Devices:1 (GeForce GTX 770)
      Current Usable Memory:1.60 GB (at application launch)
      Maximum Usable Memory:2.00 GB