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    Multiple DVD's ?? Please help.

      Hi All,
      thanks to the folks that helped me with the last video issue.

      I have a projetor that needs to play multiple videos. I have exported from Adobe Premiere Pro to 3 DVDs in separate target folders on the HDD. I have inserted 3 media members (DVDs) in to the cast of my movie and using lingo in the first frame have specified the .folder for each member (this part seems to work ok as when I check the properties for the cast member folder it is showing the correct location i.e /movie1, /movie2 and /movie3 respectively)
      The problem I'm having is at playback and even in the DVD preview panel when I double click teh cast members - it is consistently only showing the first movie. How can I get the other two movies to load and play when required?
      Any help would be appreciated as my time line is running quite short.

      Best Regards

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          Hi Chris,

          Out of interest, what happened with your other AVI video? Or is this now being
          converred to DVD?

          I have used Director's DVD Xtra without a lot of success. A few years back, I used
          the Onstage DVD Xtra and that was more user friendly that the Director shipped DVD
          Xtra. Another option is you can use Mpeg Advanced Xtra to play VOBs
          or MediaPlayer Xtra for various media support.

          Actually may have mentioned the above in the other thread.


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            Hum new one on me. Just to get this clear in my head- you have three different sets of video files (video_ts folders etc.) on your harddrive and you wanna access them within one projector.

            Instead of having three different DVD cast members have you tried changing the path to the DVD folder on the the fly. ie

            --this to define the path to each DVD TS_video folder
            aPath = the moviePath & FolderA & "VIDEO_TS"
            bPath = the moviePath & FolderB & "VIDEO_TS"
            cPath = the moviePath & FolderC & "VIDEO_TS"

            --set the path to the member
            member(DVDmember).folder = apath or bpath or cpath

            Just a suggestion. Let us know if it works hey!

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              ChrisH Level 1
              Hi Dean,
              The 2Gig limit must have been the issue. I assumed that this had been addressed as the 3Gig video played fine in WMP but would only play part thereof in DirMX2004. I took it below 2Gig and it worked ok, but unfortunately the quality wasn’t acceptable (cinepak codec at 67%) as you can imagine. So I took the originals and re-exported them from Premiere Pro to DVD specifying a folder location as opposed to a drive. I didn’t need to change the code much just things like movieTime to currentTime and sprite(1).playRate=1 to sprite(1).play(). Also had to change values from ticks to milliseconds. I may have to use the Xtra solution if I can’t fix it this way.
              Hi Otterman
              No I hadn’t tried loading them into the same cast member. I had referenced their folder locations in the same manner but then assigned them to DVDMember1, 2, and 3 respectively in frame 1:

              member(“DVDmember1”).folder=the moviePath&”DVD\movie1”
              member(“DVDmember2”).folder=the moviePath&”DVD\movie2”
              member(“DVDmember3”).folder=the moviePath&”DVD\movie3”

              As I’d already made 3 DVD cast members with Insert>Media element>DVD and named them as above I just dragged these to create the sprite on the stage at the times I needed 1, 2 and 3.

              Maybe forcing it into the same cast member will remove the previous DVD from memory and allow the next one to play. I tried unloading the previous DVD member from memory with lingo before referencing the next one but this didn’t work either. It just kept playing sprite 1 as the same DVDmember1 each time. I will try it as a single DVD cast member and will let you know how it works.

              Thank you both for your posts, will post back shortly with the result.

              Best Regards
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                Hi Dean and Otterman,
                it worked. I had to preload before it would play as you can see below. I left a commented repeat while loop in there because I tried this initially prior to adding the preload line. This was sending it into an endless loop for some reason. I thought it would have only looped until the member had loaded and then moved to the appropriate frame. I used a sprite script on a button to set the value of CurrentMovie.

                global CurrentMovie
                on exitFrame me

                Case CurrentMovie of
                "Movie1": member ("Movie","DVDs").folder = _movie.path & "DVD\movie1"
                member ("Movie","DVDs").preload()
                -- repeat while member("Movie","DVDs").loaded = false
                -- end repeat
                go to "Movie1"

                "Movie2": member ("Movie","DVDs").folder = _movie.path & "DVD\movie2"
                member ("Movie","DVDs").preload()
                -- repeat while member("Movie","DVDs").loaded = false
                -- end repeat
                go to "Movie2"
                end case

                Anyway it's working now. Thank you both very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

                Best Regards
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                  otterman Level 1
                  Thats good news Chris, I will comitt this to the old memory bank.
                  Uve good forum etiquette- thanks for keeping us in the loop.