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    Network Rendering Works only on 1 Render Node Machine


      Hello All,


      I have a MacPro 2013 Trashcan and two PC's both 64 and running windows 7. Both of them have 6gb of ram.


      Each of the PC's are running the CC 2014 render engines and the project effects and fonts are fine. The connection is Cat6 to router for all.


      My MacPro is the main machine and I have the Shared folder on my desktop called RenderFarm and the watch folders are set to that.


      Both PC's recognize the Network job and start, then after a few seconds one of them errors out and goes back to watch status. If I start it again, it kicks the other one off.


      This happens also when I connect a Macbookpro instead of one of the PC's.


      I have outputted in tif, jpg and png and the results are the same. Sometimes the main MacPro will error out as well.


      All the machines have individual names, the project is set to use 5 machines and the skip existing files is checked.


      In the log after one of the machines errors out it says sometjing like "After Effects error: the file exists but is unable to be read ( 3 :: 0 )


      I cannot, for the life of me see where I am going wrong. The router is my Motorola SBG6580, could that be the issue? that files are not being delivered quickly enough? but if I create a project thats 10mins long and just a red solid, it fails also.


      Or perhaps that my shared folder is on the main MacPro?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you in advance, oh and dont buy a MacPro2013, after 9 months mine went up in smoke and flames, literally...