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    Why are my 3d ray-traced shadows and surfaces rendering out all grainy and pixelated?


      Hi folks

      I've been playing with ray traced extruded eps text and adding lights in After Effects CC 2014 and when I export through Adobe Media Encoder 2014, the shadows and surface of the shapes appear grainy and pixelated (as per below image). Ive tried several different output settings, even AVI uncompressed, ive tried a few different presets from low res youtube settings to high res formats but all to no avail.

      Ive tried different ray tracing qualitiy settings 1- 15, and while working inside After Effects, the preview becomes smoother, when I render to a movie, the grainy effect comes back.

      As I have been trying to troubleshoot, Ive found when I switch to the classic 3D mode renderer, the shadows are smooth, but obviously I lose all the advantages of ray traced mode.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Im a newbie, please by kind!