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    Last piece or pieces for my rig?


      Hello everyone,


      Very new to video editing here.  I have a goPro HERO 3+ that I've used to shoot lots of footage, in the ocean, from a small airplane, and so on.  Now comes the fun task of trying to make something nice out of it all.  So here are the details of my machine:


      Dell Inspiron 15 5000 with i7-5500u @ 2.4 Ghz.  16GB Ram.  AMD Radeon R7 M270 with 4GB.  It came with a 1TB Hybrid drive: 5400 RPM + 8GB SSD.  I've since removed this drive and am using it in an external enclosure via USB 3.0.  I have about 100GB of footage right now and nothing else on this drive.  All of my footage is shot in 1080p (nothing higher).  I plan to continue using this drive for my 'source' footage.  Once I removed this drive from the laptop, I put in a 240GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD (after windows 8 + apps, figure about 150GB left).  After reading multiple threads here and elsewhere, it seems 'segregation' is key for best performance.  Premiere Pro is obviously installed on internal SSD, and as previously mentioned, the raw footage sits on the [now] external 5400 RPM drive.  It seems I need something other storage location for project files, output files, and cache.  So what is the best option just to get my feet wet.  Shall I get a 7200 RPM USB 3.0 Lacie 500GB drive?  Shall I get a 128GB PNY Turbo Flash Drive?  The idea would be to take the rendered output and move it off somewhere - most likely into cloud storage to free up this 'working' drive once more. 


      My typical completed videos will be about music video/one song length, consisting of footage from 2 to 3 angles sometimes on the screen together.  I do intend to use many overlays, effects, transitions, etc.  Any input is appreciated.