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    Deleted files [Android]


      When I delete PDF files on my Nexus 7 they are still showing up when I open file folder then download folder in updated adobe reader. Have cleared the app data and cache and are still there. Used Ccleaner and files definitely gone but will showing in adobe reader?

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          allankiwi Level 1

          Clarification, should be files names still showing but files are gone.

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            KhanMehwish Adobe Employee

            Could you help us with a few queries?

            • What happens when you tap on a file that you have deleted? Do you observe an error message?
            • Is your Mobile Link on? Is there a small cloud sign next to the file?
            • How did you delete the files? Did you use the 'Clear Recent' button or did you delete them from a third party application/using a computer?

            Please let us know so that we may help you better.



            Adobe Acrobat DC Team


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              allankiwi Level 1

              Screen comes up with Opening file ....

              Adobe Acrobat will create a local copy of this document.

              I click continue and get No recent document to display.


              I have Mobile link off as files are on the Nexus 7 tablet.


              I deleted by long tap on file name in recents to get bin icon.


              I used Ccleaner android app to verify file gone.


              When I go back to adobe downloads folder file name still there.

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                allankiwi Level 1

                Solved it. Had to go to Nexus 7 downloads app and file still there. Deleted and now not showing in Adobe. Thanks.