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    Crash App after the 3rd Input


      i wrote an App which loads several XML files and connects to a JSP to get data from different locations.
      On the startpage i choose a country and then all data is loaded and shown.
      Now my Problem:
      That works fine for 2 times (no reload), on the 3rd time i get the data but am unable to popup windows.
      Then at the 4th try i don't get any data, not from a model or the jsp .
      If i reload my app it works again for 3 (4) times.

      I hope the explaination is understandable and someone can help me.

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          peterent Level 2
          This may take a while to track down (anyone else reading this, feel free to chime in). I would write a new program that only loads the XML files. Write the program so you have a button that lets you reload that data. Then run it and see how many times you can reload it. If it fails, then the problem is in how you are loading up the XML. If it succeeds, write a program to connect to your JSP and do the same thing - a button to reload the data. Repeat the exercise.

          You need to eliminate the possibilities.
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            <MarianDe> Level 1

            thank you for the quick reply. I solved the problem.

            The app was showing an embedded swf as data was loading. I kicked out the swf and stangely enough, it works. (???)

            Thanx for the post ,