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    Multiple DVDs from HDD??

    ChrisH Level 1
      Hi All,
      thanks to the folks that helped me with the last video issue.

      I have a projetor that needs to play multiple videos. I have exported from Adobe Premiere Pro to 3 DVDs in separate target folders on the HDD. I have inserted 3 media members (DVDs) in to the cast of my movie and using lingo in the first frame have specified the .folder for each member (this part seems to work ok as when I check the properties for the cast member folder it is showing the correct location i.e /movie1, /movie2 and /movie3 respectively)
      The problem I'm having is at playback and even in the DVD preview panel when I double click teh cast members - it is consistently only showing the first movie. How can I get the other two movies to load and play when required?
      Any help would be appreciated as my time line is running quite short.

      Best Regards