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    Size of a A4 double page ad, bleed?


      It's the first time I'm dealing with ads for our magazine and the company wants to know:


      exact size of the double page and bleed mm / desired margin.


      I need this info for my designer.

      We are located in France, so the pages are a4. I've set the bleed to 1p6, since it wont let me plug in 3mm. The ad will be a double page spread, but apparently the translation of this to French isn't being comprehended. Do I just tell them its a double page A4 spread, which is the measurments of 297x420 (Its the equivalent of A3 correct?) with a 3mm bleed?

      I know this may sound very uneducated, but if anyone has any answers please send them along!!

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          facing pages A3 spread (297mm x 420mm) and a bleed of 3mm

          ... Should be sufficient information for any publishing person.


          Not sure if you want to spec A3 or A4 by your question wording.


          They also appear to be asking for the margin dimensions, too. But why won't your bleed allow mm? Why do you say you must enter the info in picas and points? That seems odd.