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    Nested Drag N Drop loses functionality

      I have a movie that I created using some drag n drop functionality, when I test it everything works perfect. If I nest the movie inside another movie I lose the hit area, well it’s displayed but it doesn't work. I went through all the code in my drag and drop movie and removed all references to the _root timeline, unless I'm targeting something in my captivate movie, once again when I run it by itself everything works perfect, but once nested it loses the hit area.

      Here is my code
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          donaldparkerii-dssUjC Level 1
          I built and tested my movie and it works perfect, when I loaded it into captivate and tested the movie, it didnt work. I added in a trace to see the _droptarget location. When I tested the movie in flash, it returened _level0.target01_mc so i reloaded the movie in captivate and published the file.

          I open the published the captivate swf in flash with out the skin (so i can see my trace that i added) i got _level0.slide7__color_mc.s7_i0_swf_mc.m_swf_mc.target01_mc , but when i opened the published skin file that was published from captivate I got _level0.contentShade_mc with no other depth.

          So I dont know if I should just make my own skin for the file or if there is a work around. If I make my own skin file do I lose my SCORM tracking, or is that handled in the content file?