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    Replacing styles in Robohelp


      I have inherited a Robohel 5.5 project which I am going to port to Framemaker. I would like to replace all "Heading 1" styles with "H1-Heading 1" and all inline procedure styles with "ST-Step" styles. It seem that all inline styles in Robohelp just are called "Body". Do you have any ideas?


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          All inline styles in RH are not "just called 'Body'." Those might be the assignments made by the previous writer(s), but you're in for a ton of work, I'm afraid. It sounds like they assigned font attributes to specific pieces of text, while not changing the style from the default Body, thereby producing pseudo-H1's.

          You'll need to strip the SPAN tags (which will contain the styling junk) and then actually assign the Heading 1 style to the content.

          Good luck,