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    New Flare 11 frameless top navigation - coming to RH soon?

    argus08 Level 1

      Flare's new version has "new Top Navigation HTML5 output allows you to break free from the limitations of the traditional tripane format with a sleek new responsive search engine-optimized output for online Help, knowledge bases and more."

      Does anyone know if Robohelp can or will do the same?

      One of my clients sent us a link to a site as an example of where he'd like the design of the help (currently done in RH10) to eventually end up. That site was created with Confluence (I contacted them to find out), but it looks like the new Flare feature would accomplish the same or similar design output.

      I'm the lone RH advocate here, the other two writers prefer Flare. Between the design requirements and the dropdown/conditional text bug (conditional expression playing havoc on dropdowns), I'm facing a battle to keep the project in Robohelp.