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    Lightroom Mobile Sync

    ralphsomma Level 1

      LR mobile sync has created a collection set in LR desktop called "From LR mobile".

      It also created a collection in that collection set called "Samsung Note 4" (which is the name I assigned to the collection on my phone).


      However, the sync also created 2 identically named parent folders and subfolders in LR desktop.

      The two parent folders are both named after the technical name of my mobile device - "Samsung SM-N910V".

      The two subfolders appearing under each of these parent folders are called "Imported Photos".


      The first subfolder contains 41 images.

      The second subfolder contains only 1 image which is a screenshot I took this morning.


      Is the creation of multiple parent and subfolders in LR desktop normal behavior for LR mobile sync?