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    Common files with Creative Cloud

    phyllisj9 Level 2

      Okay, this might be a weird question, and it's not exactly InDesign related (though I'll post it here since InDesign is what I'm using 90% of the time):


      I just updated to Creative Cloud a couple of days ago:


      I'm using Windows 7.  I don't have administrator rights on my work computer to install fonts.  So -- instead of installing them directly into the system (the usual way) -- I "installed" them simply by copying them into this folder (placing a copy here made them work with all Adobe products):

      C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Adobe \ Fonts \


      These fonts don't work in Creative Cloud, and I've been unable to locate a similar folder within the Creative Cloud install.  Is there one somewhere?  Is it still possible to access fonts this way?  I really don't want to get the I.T. guys over here every single time I need to install fonts...


      Thanks, Phyllis