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    Why does Adobe draw create png files, not vector?


      I cant work out why Adobe creates png files. I have old Adobe ideas files and these work fine as vector graphics, but draw just keeps creating png files when I need vector, can you help please

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          gec78 Level 1

          Sadly you can't. The model Adobe has set up is that you need to send the file to Illustrator, and can only send to Illustrator CC - not even CS6. Even though I have CC and can use the feature, it is really annoying that it can only spit out low quality pngs as sometimes I want to just knock up something quickly on my iPad, export it and mail it on. The only real option is to stick to using Ideas.


          Updated: It looks like they may have lifted the restriction on you having to have a Creative Cloud account as of the last release, so maybe you can now export to CS6