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    [TRAPCODE FORM] Making a text explode into particles, then reassembling another text from those same particles.


      Good evening everyone,


        I want to create an animation on AE thanks to the Form plug-in by Trapcode. Roughly, I have a base text, and want it to explode into particles. I'd like those same particles, which displace on screen, to get back together after a few seconds to remake another text.


      I've already made the first particles explosion, and I know how to create an amount of particles to turn it into a text step by step.


      However, in the actual case, it would deal with a first text (or a PNG file, whatever), and roughly, I'd like to insert two different texts in the same amount of particles.


        I can't find out how it's possible to do such a thing, actually, the problem may come from the layer to which we have to associate the base form, apparently, we only have the possibility to select a single one layer (If I choose to select the text 1 as the base form for the effect, I can't select another text or png file to end up the animation, am I right ?)


        I thought of duplicating, but I don't think it would solve the problem, isn't it?


      Thanks in advance, I hope it is understandable, if it is not, I will do a screenshot.