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    reader plugin and form submit function inside a browser. *any help or idea please*


      ok I'm pretty sure this is the wrong place, but i was looking to see if there was an adobe reader plugin for browsers and if so if there is a way to overwrite the default browser pdf viewer setting with the adobe reader viewer, sorta like opening the reader on the site,, maybe hosting a scripted version of acrobat or reader, that when uploaded to the server can be launched as a default pdf viewer inside the site itself.


      Might be simpler to explain the ends i';m trying to achieve here.. I have a application form for a daycare saved as a pdf on the server, but as you know clicking the submit button from the browsers default viewer does nothing.. well i'm looking for a way to change that with out having to code the form or implement a bunch of script and databases.. script i can deal with but i dont want to set up a database that a user would then need to go to in order to acess the submited information.. I want the info once completed in the pdf to be emailed to the end user email address, still in a pdf that he can later on print or save in a folder for later use, I dunno..  but yeah I woulds like to avoid downloading of programs as much as possible..


      How about removing the submit button from the form and placing it on the website getting by the limitations of the default viewers, I guess i'm asking if ther is a way to open a pdf on a site, and edit it on that site and then submit the information on that pdf not threw the pdf itself but the site sorta like a typical contact form built in html, but inside the corrtect boxes would be the attached completed pdf file. i guess i'd need to open a a new page inside of a div layer and then submit the information inside the div,, Mainly the complete pdf file, to the mailto: email.




      any help would be greatly appreciated.