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    .ibook files (not epubs) ...and epubs with blank pages ...all on a PC.


      Dearest friends (I hope),


      I come to you with my hat in my hand today after nearly a month of wrestling with Adobe Digital Editions. Granted, a large part of that was my initial lack of following instructions in haste, giving up, deleting my needed epub files, and subsequently rescuing them. I am now at a point of approximately 75% success, on both my laptop and PC. My final pieces are... icons that look like white pages that are not epub files, but .ibook files.


      My next problem is that my more costly, and even some free ibooks only open to blank pages.


      Information on the web in sketchy at best, and often outdated (pre ADE 4), and I would like to finally put this behind me. I am a straight up guy. I was buying Adobe products at $700 a pop when I really couldn't afford them, I also gladly pay for books to support authors and artists. The power of this software has such potential for academics' in that highlights can be made, and notes can be marked or written for later reference in research. I love the ability to pull things from my PC right into Word. Yet, at times, I like the comfort of sitting quietly reading via my iPad. I have no intentions of doing anyone wrong, breaking laws, or anything of the sort; I simply find great value in this product.


      If someone would help me separate the wheat from the chaff I would be very thankful. I am weary, looking for answers even trying to get this far. I have made it to 75% success however


      I do subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, if any other Adobe products may be of help.


      Peace and good will to all.