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    Can't import files

    Barrie Rokeach Level 1

      Can't import files: Running LR 4.4 on a Mac (OS 10.10.2). I exported files to a new folder, but when I go to that new folder to import into LR the images are greyed-out and thus won't import. When I look at the file on the desktop the images are there. Any help would be appreciated. Done this many times in the past with no problems.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Greyed out means the photos are already in Lightroom and cannot be imported a 2nd time.


          Instead of exporting and then importing the exported photos, you just can go back into the Library Module and use the photos there for whatever Lightroom tasks are of interest.

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            Barrie Rokeach Level 1

            Thanks very much for your help, but I don't think that is correct: when I tried exporting another folder of images to a new folder, then went into the new folder to import, some (3) of the images were not greyed-out and allowed me to import them, while the remainder of images in that new folder were greyed-out.

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              dj_paige Level 9

              If you hold your mouse over one of these greyed out photos, a message will pop up saying "This photo has already been imported".


              I guess I don't even understand the point of this workflow. The whole problem can be solved by not exporting followed by not importing; instead you use the existing photo in your Library Module. You gain nothing by exporting followed by importing. Exporting followed by importing is just unnecessary work.

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                trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                As dj_paige mentions there is no need to re-import exported files. Make sure you have 'Add to this Catalog' checked in the Export module and the exported images and files will appear automatically in the LR Library module under the 'Export To' folder/subfolder location.


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                  Barrie Rokeach Level 1


                  I knew there was a checkbox I was missing somewhere! Thanks trshaner, that solved the problem; "add to this catalog"


                  I sometimes like to make a selection of images from one folder and put them into another folder, sometimes doing special edits, other times creating special web pages, etc., on the second folder. That way I have a record of the images I altered or posted and can get back to them quickly for editing, etc., all the while maintaining my original folder in case I later want to add additional images to the second folder. For example, I might shoot 100 images, select a dozen to post to a web page or whatever. Then later go back to that dozen and further edit/post. I know I can also do something similar with ratings and color labels, but this way I can label the folder regarding what I did. That workflow works for me; it's the way I think about organizing my images.


                  Thanks to all of you who chimed in to help. I really appreciate it.

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                    trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Glad that resolved your issue! You can probably eliminate most of those exports by using Virtual Copies, Collections (also virtual copies), and keywording. It takes some getting used to and old habits die hard, but it works. I can recommend this excellent eBook by Peter Krogh for more info on organizing your photos with Lightroom:


                    Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5 - The DAM Book



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                      Barrie Rokeach Level 1

                      Thanks trshaner, I'll take a look at the book.