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    Responsive Site Update for Prosite (April 21st Deadline!)


      We as a Prosite user community deserve to to receive a timeline on the roll out of responsive website templates. For the money that we continually pay, and to not have any answers for YEARS, is unacceptable. I can guarantee that if any of us business owners and creatives treated our paying clients like this we would lose business right and left.


      I have recently become a big fan of SquareSpace and all that they do, are and represent.


      I expect your Behance/Adobe/Prosite team to read this: Webmaster's Mobile Guide and submit a response to everyone immediately.


      Enough of your "keep us in the dark" responses.

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Alex - I fully understand your frustration, and if I had a definite date to share, I certainly would - it's tough for us to give dates in case we don't hit the target date, as that would likely just lead to more frustration from you, the community.

          I can update you that our team is in full-swing in the development of this product at this point in time (when these threads began, we were still a long way off from beginning to develop). I do know that this will not be released by April 21st (which you've listed as a deadline), so we would certainly recommend that you switch over to Squarespace if you're looking for an immediate solution.


          I'm planning to give any members of these ProSite threads a few free months of the product when it launches, as a thank you for your patience during this long wait. As a customer, I'd be aggravated too - I get it! Just know that our team is working hard to get you the very best product out to you as fast as we can.