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    Sporadically slow previews

    dwterry Level 1

      LONG time user (since v1.0) so this is not my first trip around the block.

      LONG time user of SSDs (main images are on a 1Tb SSD and catalog and previews are on a 500Gb SSD). Again, not my first trip around the block.


      This is a NEW problem - it just started this week and has affected two shoots so far. 


      Basically, while in LIBRARY mode, as I am attempting to review and rate all of the images, about one out of every 5 images will pause and say "loading" and this will take about 8 seconds.  All of the rest of the images are nearly instantaneous.


      I always render all of the images on import.  Usually 1:1.  But I have tried both standard and 1:1 with the same effect on both of these two shoots.


      I've tried re-generating the previews (it thinks they are already done and does nothing).  I've tried discarding the 1:1 previews and regenerating those.  This works fine.  But has no effect on the problem.


      Again, the problem itself is new.  What I don't know is where to look to find an answer.  Is it in the catalog?  Is it the SSD that is misbehaving?


      This is running on a fairly new installation of Windows 8.1.


      Has anyone seen this behavior before and know what it could be?

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          dwterry Level 1

          Well ... it appears I have found my answer!


          I did mention that this was a fairly new installation of Windows 8.1.  It's the same computer I have used for 2 years, but I just recently changed from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and that is the key.


          The two SSDs in my system are both Samsung 840 drives (one is 1TB the other is 500Gb).  I bought the 500Gb drive a couple of years ago, before 1Tb drives were affordable.  I bought the 1Tb drive about a year ago.


          What I had forgotten in all of this is that there is a tool called Samsung Magician.  There is a "RAPID MODE" which can only be enabled on one drive in the system (why only one? I don't know).  But since I had purchased the 500Gb drive first (again, this was several years ago), it was on that drive that I had enabled RAPID mode.


          Well... after reinstalling the operating system, apparently RAPID mode was not enabled - for either drive.  I recently turned it on, but when I ran into the "only 1 drive in the system" limitation I figured the drive with the OS and images on it was the smart choice, so that's the one I enabled it on.


          And so ever since then I have experienced sluggish performance on previews.  Lagging behind what I normally experienced.  And then (as described above) the occasional 8 second delay to load an image.


          Well ... I just now disabled RAPID mode on the 1TB drive and turned it back on for the 500GB drive where the previews and catalog are stored (and a light bulb is turning on as I do this).   Aha!  Performance is back up.  Flipping between images is now pretty much instantaneous.  No more pauses.


          So, if you read this far and have Samsung SSD drives, be sure to check out RAPID mode using Samsung Magician.